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The uprising movement has been interrupted by at least eight long periods of rest, during which the sea ate, deeply back into the land, forming at successive levels the long lines of cliffs, or escarpments, which separate the different plains as they rise like steps one behind the other.
There was nothing to look at besides but a bare coast, the mud dy edge of the brown plain with the sinuosities of the river you had left, traced in dull green, and the Great Pagoda uprising lonely and massive with shining curves and pinnacles like the gorgeous and stony efflorescence of tropical rocks.
Author, political activist and professor Mazin Qumsiyeh spoke with AIC about the phenomenon of uprisings and the meaning of Popular Resistance today.
Bishara, a political analyst for Al Jazeera, explodes the myths of the Western media's coverage of the Arab Uprisings, showing that the conditions that triggered the uprisings have been developing for decades.
The paper says on its front page that the budget-related crisis must not paralyze society and that instead of uprisings the country needs easing of tension.
In a question-and-answer format, The Arab Uprisings explores all aspects of the revolutionary protests that have rocked the Middle East.
21 ( ANI ): In an uprising compared with Iraq's Sunni Awakening, people of dozens of villages in Andar, a district of Afghanistan's volatile Ghazni, have taken up arms in the first of several anti-Taliban uprisings spreading across in Afghanistan due to its ultra-restrictive diktats.
Synopsis: Gallup surveys show that Arabs in countries where major revolts did not take place last year largely believe the protests and revolts in the Arab world left the countries involved worse off -- in contrast to Arabs in countries where uprisings took place.
Summary: The uprisings that began with the removal from power of Tunisian autocrat Zine al-Abedine Ben Ali in January 2011 have fostered dizzying levels of activism and a deluge of analyses.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Tehran's provisional Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani urged the Islamic nations to keep vigilant against the attempts made by the enemies to hijack the Muslim uprisings.
She was addressing a crowd of 10,000 at the rally outside Manama, in the first of daily sit-ins planned to mark the one-year anniversary of the uprisings in the kingdom.
The same observers also speculated that the uprisings undermined Al Qaeda's doctrinal belief that only terrorist violence could overthrow the authoritarian leaders of the Arab countries.