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What effects have the uprisings had on the Israel-Palestine conflict and what conclusions might we draw from the uprisings so far?
In the first two chapters, Filiu argues that the uprisings have challenged the widely held beliefs about Arabs and Muslims in the West.
If this uprising fails, the people's only hope dies," Sarwar Khan, a resident of Andar, said, adding: "If the Taliban return, we think they will even execute our women and children".
Popular protests and armed uprisings ousted four regimes across North Africa and the Middle East, and Syrian rebels are still fighting to do the same.
Certainly, youth-led social media played a role in the uprisings, but viewing the uprisings too narrowly in these terms overlooks the breadth and depth of the popular mobilization.
NEW HAVEN: The uprisings that began with pushing Tunisian autocrat Ben Ali from power in January 2011 have fostered dizzying levels of activism and a deluge of analyses.
Addressing a large and fervent congregation of worshippers on Tehran University Campus here on Friday, Ayatollah Kashani stated that "there is no difference between Bahraini nation's uprising and Tunisian, Egyptian and Libyan uprisings" and called on the revolutionary countries to be careful about the hijacking of their revolution by anti-Muslim hegemonic powers.
Soon our sit-in will not be here but at the Pearl Roundabout," said Ayat Al Qormozi, who became a face of the uprising after she was jailed for reading out a poem criticising the rulers.
The uprisings it described as a "step in the right direction.
Shiite Iran and the Sunni Gulf states have differed in their positions over the wave of uprisings, which have swept across the Arab world since January, particularly with regard to Syria and Bahrain.
Summary: Both supporters and opponents of constitutional changes offered by Morocco's king have protested in their thousands, indicating debate over the country's future sparked by the "Arab Spring" uprisings has not ended.
Shadi Hamid, director of research at the Brookings Doha Centre, responded that while people did successfully mobilise in Algerian uprisings, the uprisings themselves failed because the world did not get to hear about the injustices done, or see them.