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Behind them the uprooted tree crashed heavily to the ground, carrying with it the lesser trees in its path and then Tantor, realizing that his prey had escaped him, set up once more his hideous trumpeting and followed at a rapid charge upon their trail.
Besides, as you may see for yourself, the river is very boisterous; and if I should chance to stumble, it would sweep both of us away more easily than it has carried off yonder uprooted tree.
When he was half way across, the uprooted tree(which I have already told you about) broke loose from among the rocks, and bore down upon him, with all its splintered branches sticking out like the hundred arms of the giant Briareus.
Yes, and at some of his more moving tunes, the rocks bestirred their moss-grown bulk out of the ground, and a grove of forest trees uprooted themselves, and, nodding their tops to one another, performed a country dance.
SIALKOT -- The Sialkot Municipal Corporation staffers on Thursday uprooted the membership camp of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf at Rangpura Chowk.
Camp Dangwa, Benguet -- The military and police in the Cordillera region recently discovered, uprooted and destroyed thousands of marijuana plants with an estimated value of over P15 million in Kalinga province.
MULTAN -- The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) uprooted unhealthy vegetables by ploughing from a piece of 540 kanal land of Punjab.
NABLUS, January 31, 2018 (WAFA) -- Israeli Jewish settlers Wednesday uprooted about 100 olive trees in the village of Yasuf, south of the city of Nablus in the occupied West Bank, local sources said.
A group of extremist settlers uprooted more than 100 olive trees from the village of Yasuf, east of Salfit, on Wednesday morning.
There are many examples of old and giant trees being uprooted in western countries.
Summary: Defendant admitted he attacked the victim after he uprooted a small tree planted near their accommodation
Police uprooted some P13 million worth of marijuana plants in a raid on a 2.