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gambling tactics, upsetting the soundest plans, even overturning the stablest institutions.
Then she scalded poor Puttel by upsetting her coffee-pot; and instead of a leisurely, cosy meal, had to hurry away uncomfortably, for everything went wrong even to the coming off of both bonnet strings in the last dreadful scramble.
viceroy's legs, upsetting him, were arrested on a warrant, tried and
Shelley's death came when he was only thirty, in 1822, by a sudden accident--he was drowned by the upsetting of his sailboat in the Gulf of Spezia, between Genoa and Pisa.
When a government has done more harm than good to individuals, its further existence depends on the merest accident, the masses square the account after their fashion by upsetting it.
You understand that nothing is more disturbing than the upsetting of a preconceived idea.
But, Lor' bless you, we gets into such rows all 'long the road, what wi' their pea- shooters, and long whips, and hollering, and upsetting every one as comes by, I'd a sight sooner carry one or two on 'em, sir, as I may be a-carryin' of you now, than a coach-load.
You seemed more upsetting than soothing yesterday, young lady.
No, I shan't come another time; it's too upsetting," said Princess Betsy.
It is upsetting, but one can't tear oneself away," said another lady.
So the fact Lynemouth cemetery is in such a bad state is because no-one has taken responsibility for looking after it is equally upsetting.
1 seed in the playoffs, upsetting Buena 10-7 in 1989 and losing 3-2 to South Hills in 1993.