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In this group, criers rated themselves as having been sadder during the upsetting film than the dry-eyed did.
Furthermore, a single participant was apt to rate one social stress, for example, as "upsets me very little" and another social stress as "very, very upsetting.
It was upsetting for a few different reasons,'' said McCline, who will take on Wayne Llewellyn in a 10-round co-feature bout Thursday at New York City's Hammerstein Ballroom.
The French have the best chance of upsetting either Norway or Brazil to advance to the quarterfinals.
Cameron Froede, 145, Palmdale: Wrestling on a bad team that practiced in the school cafeteria, Froede shocked everyone by upsetting Evan Salas for the Golden League title.
One moment you're shaking your head in disbelief at his Bruins upsetting another top-ranked team, the next for a remarkable inability to close out a team that should have been beaten.