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Between zero and the positive threshold parameter [delta] the Phillips curve is flat; inflation is insensitive to changes in the output gap when the economy is in the upswing phase.
The current economic upswing in Japan is different from e ones that took place in the last decade in the sense at this time it has been brought about without a large-scale fiscal expansion.
GMAC's balance sheet and managed portfolio leverage ratios are expected to rise modestly in the current upswing in the auto sales cycle.
Two key factors were the "drivers" of this upswing in economic growth.
From a product development perspective, we've built upon our award-winning, web-based CRM technology and its ease-of-use and customizable workflows for financial advisors to launch the new, full-featured version of Upswing CRM for Wealth Management," said Dan Ferranti, Vice President of Technology at Upswing CRM.
The central bank of Philippines has said that it was expecting an upswing for the peso.
Asked in her weekly video podcast whether the crisis could endanger Germany's upswing, Merkel replied "if we don't act right, that could happen, but that's exactly what we want to avoid.
Not even winning trainer Richard Guest thought Upswing would win.
If only horses could talk, Upswing would most probably be saying `thank you' to jockey Kenny Johnson for looking after him on his first run over fences at Catterick last Saturday.
The hotels are not the only places feeling the upswing in tourist visitations.
Fiscal policy may be able to play an important role and the lesson of the current cycle is that countries which have successfully reduced their government debt ratios during the upswing, such as the United States and UK, are in far better shape than those which have not.
With partisan bickering on Capitol Hill on the upswing, it was only a matter of time before it broke out in gay and lesbian political circles as well.