upward trend

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Commonly used vegetables peas, tomato and lemon have registered an upward trend.
FAISALABAD -- Upward trend of chicken prices was observed in the local poultry market during the last 48 hours.
At large banks, net interest income has plateaued, while at small banks, it continues on an upward trend uninterrupted by the crisis.
While the upward trend observed since May has been continued, the magnitude and sectoral scope of the improvement in confidence has moderated compared to recent months," it said in a statement.
Barring a major calamity, Manhattan's office leasing velocity should continue its upward trend this summer, according to Colliers.
Investors, especially on the corporate front, are considering gold as a safe investment, particularly given the systematic upward trend that it is showing," said Sajith Kumar, Chief Executive and Director of JRG International Brokerage at the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC).
Speculative behavior, increasing global demand and peak oil have all been listed as antagonists in the upward trend and spike in crude oil prices.
The upward trend in tourist arrivals to Cyprus is confirmed by the data regarding June, which show an increase of 53% compared with June 2009, thus uplifting Russian contribution to Cyprus tourism to 9.
This follows an increase of 14% between 2006/07 and 2007/08 and continues the upward trend since 2001/02.
A Welsh Assembly Government spokesperson welcomed the upward trend, saying: "This will help to support the economy, providing Wales with valuable skills as we move out of recession.
ANKARA, Jan 12, 2010 (TUR) -- Turkish industry and trade minister said Tuesday that recent figures showed that Turkish economy had achieved an upward trend for recovery.
Chidambaram further added that very sharp rise in international commodity prices especially crude and metals caused the upward trend in inflation that was witnessed since the month of April.