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Talents from the urbanely insinuating director Ernst Lubitsch to more explicit acts like Mae West and the Marx Brothers quickly took advantage.
Robert Lantos, a sovereign figure in the hinterland that is the Canadian film industry, normally seen suited, tied, slicked to a corporate sheen, is sitting in Primi Ristorante in Forest Hill Village, sporting a white T-shirt and haute khakis, urbanely tousled.
Regardless, The Practice of Reading more often than not proves provocative, urbanely argued, helpfully corrective of current truisms, and demonstrative of the fact that formalism needn't be either a dull drive down a dead-end street in a conservative neighborhood or a trip away from the world beyond the word.
This aim--to talk urbanely, frankly, about oneself--entails a risk, the necessary risk that the reader will skim the story, not quite have the experience, and certainly miss the meaning.
This kind of metamorphosis is also evident in the Minerva and the Centaur [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 10 OMITTED], where the horizontal elements at the top of the rock formation in the left background evoke architecture, as if the stone had been turned into a building in yet another example of rusticated architecture, rendered ever so urbanely and, indeed, wittily.
Calin's approach is successfully demotic: each group of writings, author, or individual work is prefaced by concise, accurate, informative summaries indicating the state of knowledge and criticism, and many of the sections also form a kind of distillation of current thinking, crisply and urbanely presented.
lawyer; a few minutes later he also left me, urbanely excusing
I was intrigued by the fact that he often dressed stylishly and urbanely and could produce very exact work if he wanted.
Unlike every other dating game out there, with MMG you don't have to be Hollywood handsome or urbanely witty to compete and win," said Jason Marks, VP of Programming for Heavy.
They deprecate urbanely a horrified human response to the appalling barbarism of the Terror, excused by Roland as a sort of justice and credited by Plumb with the extraordinary efficiency with which the Jacobins, institutionalizing it, organized the war effort.
One can imagine this fragile music ruined by a conductor's rigorous beat, but hereits urbanely distilled passion glowed gently as each player in turn emerged as principal speaker in this gentle conversation.
These suites nevertheless present an intriguing combination of styles: the preludes clearly manifest the north German stylus phantasticus, while the dance movements remain urbanely cosmopolitan in style, reflecting French and, to some degree, Italian influences.