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For all of its benefits, however, rapid urbanisation also poses enormous challenges, from managing congestion and pollution to ensuring that growth is inclusive and equitable.
She told delegates at the meeting that was also attended by practitioners in the human settlements sector as well as academics that the country needed proper planning and management of urbanisation and related challenges such as migration of people seeking better opportunities.
Speaking on the occasion, Syed Abu Akif - Secretary for Ministry of Climate Change, said: "This year around the World Cities Day is focusing on inclusive cities and shared development and as Pakistan is facing a rapid increase in urbanisation caused by population growth, urban migration, and refugee influx, which has resulted in the creation and expansion of under-resourced urban settlements, causing unprecedented levels of economic, spatial, social, and infrastructural challenges, and climate change impacts, it requires the attention and support of all sectors.
Some countries, such as China, India and Thailand, are projected to face increased future exposure to extremes, especially in highly urbanised areas, as a result of rapid urbanisation and economic growth," it said.
The committee has decided to grant the stalled Landmark Cityview a three-month grace period for the developer to complete the scheme and honour his obligations as per the timetable which was submitted by the City View Development Company board to the ministerial committee for urbanisation and infrastructure.
Urbanisation is also at the heart of the economic transformation of the continent.
As the editors are at pains to emphasise, the analysis of urbanisation cannot be tackled effectively from a single disciplinary vantage point, and to their great credit, they have not only managed to provide a convincing case for a cross-disciplinary approach (as a prelude to inter-disciplinarity) in their introductory and concluding chapters but have also tried to intersperse discussions by social scientists trained such diverse fields as economics, demography, anthropology, geography, policy and planning and so on, within each of the main substantive sections of the book: data and definitions, the economic benefits of urbanisation, the social consequences of urbanisation, urban violence, and urban planning and governance.
According to an analyst with Citigroup (NYSE: C), urbanisation in China would help growth in the nation.
As urbanisation is the process of growth in urban areas.
One of the major challenges of urbanisation in Nepal is the impact natural disasters, particularly earthquake can have on densely populated urban areas," read a joint release by these organisations.
The papers in this symposium examine the economic and social implications of urbanisation in China.
This evidence-based paper considers the implications of population growth and urbanisation for climate change.