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UK Special Envoy on Sustainable Urbanisation to China, Sir Michael Bear who witnessed the signing ceremony said 'I am delighted to oversee this important collaboration that brings together three organisations who are leading in their fields to help China deliver its sustainable urbanisation programme.
The committee has decided to grant the stalled Landmark Cityview a three-month grace period for the developer to complete the scheme and honour his obligations as per the timetable which was submitted by the City View Development Company board to the ministerial committee for urbanisation and infrastructure.
Urbanisation is also at the heart of the economic transformation of the continent.
In this book, Fulminante emphasises that urbanisation and state formation in central Italy began well before the foundation of the Greek colonies in the south of the peninsula.
This is all the more challenging given the backlog of un-serviced and underserviced populations and the increasing pressure on the fragile environment from urbanisation.
In this article, I approach the endogenous factors to explain China's urban development, through the lenses of urbanisation and property development.
As the editors are at pains to emphasise, the analysis of urbanisation cannot be tackled effectively from a single disciplinary vantage point, and to their great credit, they have not only managed to provide a convincing case for a cross-disciplinary approach (as a prelude to inter-disciplinarity) in their introductory and concluding chapters but have also tried to intersperse discussions by social scientists trained such diverse fields as economics, demography, anthropology, geography, policy and planning and so on, within each of the main substantive sections of the book: data and definitions, the economic benefits of urbanisation, the social consequences of urbanisation, urban violence, and urban planning and governance.
Minggao Shen, head of the bank's China research, has opined that urbanisation was likely to rebalance China's economy and help it grow more.
As urbanisation is the process of growth in urban areas.
One of the major challenges of urbanisation in Nepal is the impact natural disasters, particularly earthquake can have on densely populated urban areas," read a joint release by these organisations.
As the government sought to maximise the pace of industrialisation, limiting urbanisation was seen as having the advantage of reducing the need for large investments in urban housing infrastructure, thus allowing more investment to flow to industry (Kirkby, 1985; Chan, 1992).
The implications of population growth and urbanisation for climate change.