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Today, urbanization continues to be fueled by war, insecurity, and economic necessity.
International trends, changes in local demographics shows that Kenya is catching up in urbanization because of implementation of flagship Vision 2030 projects like LAPSSET corridor and Konza City.
The theme for 2017 is 'Innovative Governance, Open Cities,' to either promote successes of urbanization, or address specific challenges resulting from urbanization.
For all three urbanization levels, infant mortality rates were significantly lower in 2015, compared with rates in 2007.
Second, the country had a relatively unique experience of shifting directly from an agriculture-based to a services-dominated economy, uniquely bypassing the process of industrialization normally associated with urbanization.
The rapid urbanization poses major challenges in three key areas that are interconnected: 1) urban governance 2) urban poverty and 3) infrastructure service delivery.
The transfer of the traditional urbanization construction focused on the countryside to the city, more is to build roads, bridges and the construction of fixed assets investment, big data thinking is from the pursuit of the event itself, simple linear causal relationship to correlation between rich contact, this kind of thinking, attention is paid to the "City" and "the township", "town" and "village" industry function, scale, security and other aspects of the data link based, the current state is not only the data itself reflects, is indirectly reflect the past and future.
He further added, "For this purpose, the Ministry of Climate Change and the United Nations Human Settlements Program (UN-Habitat) in Pakistan have been working closely on various initiatives related to sustainable urbanization and climate change.
Why do some cities shrink despite the fast rate of urbanization globally?
Messy urbanization in Pakistan is reflected in low density sprawl and cities growing out of administrative boundaries, creating challenges for planning, transport and public services.
The report examines the intersection between two defining demographic trends of the 21st century: rapid urbanization and aging populations, and outlines a set of principles to advance the creation of self-sustaining cities that support residents of all ages.
Urbanization is a phenomenon that involves changes in land cover, the economy, and demographics; it is a shift from traditional agricultural society to a modern society which focuses on manufacturing industries and services.