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If I DO go with him-- if I DO make the sacrifice he urges, I will make it absolutely: I will throw all on the altar--heart, vitals, the entire victim.
Korak felt an intuitive urge to rush to her protection.
In another place the refrain urges and importunes; it is time for flight:
It is a passive feeling capable of being roused for any object, as the vine can grow on any tree; and the wisdom of the world recognises its strength when it urges a girl to marry the man who wants her with the assurance that love will follow.
The life of his body, and of every fibre of his body, the life that was the very substance of his body and that was apart from his own personal life, had yearned toward this light and urged his body toward it in the same way that the cunning chemistry of a plant urges it toward the sun.
But more than seven decades later, on April 16, historian Jean-Pierre Misson submitted a statement of identification for HMS Urge, which he found on sonar recordings taken at Marsa el Hilal, Libya.
The research has now been received by Bridgend County Borough Council and will shortly be available to view at the Local and Family History Centre at Ty'r Ardd, Bridgend, where a commemoa t i v e plaque for he HMS Urge already e s i d e s , ogether with nformation garding the bmarine up il its disaprance.
While smoking urge volatility increased following alcohol consumption, the smoking urge trajectory did not.
The present paper proposes a theoretical framework and a treatment strategy for dealing with the urges to drink that alcoholics experience during recovery.
We strongly urge EPA to stand by their decision and not require dust clearance sampling for renovation jobs.
The missive came in response to recent efforts to urge the SBC to adopt resolutions calling on church members to pull their children out of the public schools.