urgent requirement

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He stated that the sub-campus was urgent requirement of the area and it would not be closed.
We would expect that with this new recapitalisation there would be a more urgent requirement that this reduction in the international balance sheets of Greek banks will be made imminently," Loizides said in an interview.
Speaking at a press conference at the Press Club on Tuesday evening, she said that the notification by the Urban Development Department, Government of Maharashtra, under 37 (1AA) of the Maharashtra Regional Town Planning Act, 1966, allows modification of any part of or proposal made in a development plan (DP) if it is an urgent requirement and will not change the character of the DP.
Working with both the US Air Force and the US Navy to meet an urgent requirement, UTC Aerospace Systems was able to re-configure our highest performing operational system quickly," said Kevin Raftery, Vice President, UTC Aerospace Systems.
William Tracey identified an urgent requirement to address these challenges and fully automate the entire P2P process.
The Power Plus Cable was given the challenging and important task of supplying high quality cables meeting the urgent requirement of the project.
This is a disgusting, savage and despicable act, and whoever is responsible for this - adult or child - is in urgent requirement of serious psychological help.
Mr McFerran also said the new posts were an urgent requirement as the result of "organic growth" within the company.
The old heating system finally stopped working last Easter so there was an urgent requirement to install a new system before the winter months.
The fact remains that preparation is key, particularly for negotiating with the new consortia, and in some areas getting to know the new decision makers for local health budgets for next year and beyond is, I suspect, an urgent requirement.
Mr Haward said: "The charity is facing the unexpected and urgent requirement to relocate its existing house at King's College Hospital, Camberwell.