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Acting on urges often gets in the way of our longer-term goals.
Overall, subjects reported higher and more volatile smoking urges on days when alcohol was consumed.
1984 Nothing could have prepared him for his role in the most controversial television placed back into the community and struggling to control his vile urges.
We strongly urge EPA to stand by their decision and not require dust clearance sampling for renovation jobs.
Hence, we urge the Government to negotiate a new treaty with the United States that eliminates withholding taxes on all dividends and interest for payments to both related and unrelated parties.
Furthermore, according to some laboratory studies, only moderate (although statistically significant) correlations exist between urges and alcohol consumption (Tiffany 1990).
On the other hand, Patrick Curry gives full measure in an extended and sometimes fierce search for a radical post-Marxist social history, which urges the claims of Laclau and Mouffe on the disoriented.
It urges special efforts to reach people whose blood pressure is slightly elevated but still within the normal range.
Urges Stockholders to Vote the WHITE Proxy Card to Elect Ramius Nominees Mutch and Moyer in Upcoming Board Election
TEI urges that the following provisions not be included in the final tax reconciliation bill.
3 -- color) Pearl Harbor survivor Bill Brady urges veterans to talk to teenagers about war service.