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Dejah Thoris stood as close to it as she could, whispering words of hope and courage to me, and urging me to save myself.
I could see that those who were not armed with bows were urging something upon the two who were.
The snow covered his eyes and the wind seemed intent on stopping him, but bending forward and constantly lapping his coat over and pushing it between himself and the cold harness pad which prevented him from sitting properly, he kept urging the horse on.
The sight of that wormwood tormented by the pitiless wind made Vasili Andreevich shudder, he knew not why, and he hurriedly began urging the horse on, not noticing that when riding up to the wormwood he had quite changed his direction and was now heading the opposite way, though still imagining that he was riding towards where the hut should be.
As great men are urged on to the abuse of power (when they need urging, which is not often), by their flatterers and dependents, so old John was impelled to these exercises of authority by the applause and admiration of his Maypole cronies, who, in the intervals of their nightly pipes and pots, would shake their heads and say that Mr Willet was a father of the good old English sort; that there were no new-fangled notions or modern ways in him; that he put them in mind of what their fathers were when they were boys; that there was no mistake about him; that it would be well for the country if there were more like him, and more was the pity that there were not; with many other original remarks of that nature.
At this point, Mr Swiveller took the small servant's hand in his again, and being, as we have seen, but poorly, might in struggling to express his thanks have made his eyes as red as hers, but that she quickly changed the theme by making him lie down, and urging him to keep very quiet.
Grassley and Max Baucus, chair and ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, urging the retention of the LIFO inventory accounting method.
To highlight the urgency of the matter, the Louisiana state legislature passed a resolution last November urging Congress to enact S.
Urging passage of Scott's amendment, McGovern reminded lawmakers that when the first national job-training program was created, it was done with the backing of then-Senator Dan Quayle and President Ronald Reagan, who signed it into law.
An ecumenical health care network is urging Canadian Christians to sign a petition urging the federal government's National Health Council to begin the work of involving Canadians in the creation of a Health Covenant.
An inspiring DAV television public service announcement (PSA) urging employers to hire disabled veterans look top honors in the 25th Annual Telly Awards, which honors commercials, videos, and programs in broad casting.
SANTA CLARITA - Activists from both ends of the political spectrum in Santa Clarita are urging residents to oppose a plan to raise the amount individuals can contribute to candidates for the Santa Clarita City Council.