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I had escaped it for all the years I had roamed the five continents and their encircling seas; in spite of beautiful women and urging opportunity; in spite of a half- desire for love and a constant search for my ideal, it had remained for me to fall furiously and hopelessly in love with a creature from another world, of a species similar possibly, yet not identical with mine.
As Sarkoja talked with Zad he cast occasional glances in my direction, while she seemed to be urging him very strongly to some action.
Accompanied by some fifty of the natives, I now rapidly continued my journey; every few moments being transferred from the back of one to another, and urging my bearer forward all the while with earnest entreaties.
The din and tumult now became tenfold, and I perceived that several of the priests were on the spot, all of whom were evidently urging Mow-Mow and the other chiefs to prevent my departure; and the detestable word
As fast as he went, however, I was still beside him, urging him on to greater speed.
Dejah Thoris stood as close to it as she could, whispering words of hope and courage to me, and urging me to save myself.
They declined to follow the urgings of the entire bi-partisan Iowa Congressional Delegation, they would not make themselves available to attend the Joint Government Oversight Committee hearing originally scheduled for today, and they have stated publicly that Iowa is simply not important to them.
The company had refused to honor its own policy -- or the urgings of then-Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi -- and would not pay the replacement value of the couple's possessions.