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Similarly urinary outputs of norepinephrine were below the upper limits of the reference intervals in 34% of patients compared to only 14% of patients for urinary normetanephrine (Table 2).
Certainly, the decreasing urinary output of iodine must be considered as one factor.
Some studies have shown that elderly residents may produce 2/3 to 3/4 of their total urinary output at night.
On administration of 4 [micro]g desmopressin, urinary output fell to around 100 ml/hour and serum sodium returned to 147 mmol/l, in keeping with a diagnosis of central diabetes insipidus.
Overall, depressed patients had high urinary norepinephrine and its metabolite normetanephrine, but lower urinary output of the dopamine metabolite dihydroxyphenylacetic acid (DOPAC) compared to controls.
No-methylhistidine content of organs and tissues of cattle and an attempt to estimate fractional catabolic and synthetic rates of myofibrillar protein of skeletal muscle during growth by measuring urinary output of [N.
states) because some suggest that the increased urinary output flushes away traces of other, illicit, performance-enhancing substances in the bloodstream.
Moreover, the urinary output of FZ isoprostanes was greater than in the controls but less than in the homozygous FHBL children receiving the lower dose supplement.
Fifty women with preeclampsia received standard magnesium therapy for 24 hours after delivery, and 48 received it until diuresis, defined as a urinary output of at least 100 mL per hour for 2 consecutive hours.