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Maturity, 1986, shows an old-fashioned adding machine which has been uselessly furnished with a ridiculously narrow spool of paper: impotency.
Think of that - the cost of a super-hospital going up uselessly in smoke and sparks every year.
A few yards away her arm reached uselessly for the sky.
This first exhibition organized by Ida Panicelli--the new director--was based on an unwillingness to celebrate this "new beginning" with a gigantic, uselessly spectacular show, and from a desire for reappraisal.
Ambulances were jammed uselessly outside the ground, while dozens of fans lay dying.
Instead of uselessly dosing it into public water supplies, this could save millions.
According to Bibi, her husband had remained unemployed and was seen wasting his time sitting uselessly in the neighbourhood.
Gwyn stands in the little toilet, just the toilet bowl looking up at him, the tiny frosted window open on its hinges as if half blinking uselessly at the street outside, his mother's can of air freshener, and the pile of magazines set there to get him through the boredom of constipation, and that's all.
Thoughts and prayers" fell uselessly upon ears deafened by gunshot and hearts numb to their meaning.
Groups contend that China only gave us uselessly blurred pictures of the area,' the lawmakers said in the resolution.
And two older detectives in the precinct's bullpen aren't hard-boiled and street-wise--rather, they uselessly bumble through desk work, counting the days until they can retire and collect their pensions.
Our sisters are uselessly molested, but all what we could do is to close our eyes because there is need to stay alive, most of the things I thought never happened was brought to my very self' he concluded.