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User Friendly Media, the parent company of The User-Friendly Phone Book and GoLocal247.
So user-friendly was the department the SATs results were utterly abysmal in English (at a grammar school).
Its graphic interface is user-friendly, and it allows me to organize the data that I specifically need in a way that doesn't require CAD knowledge.
The user-friendly aspect of iRing also includes long-term consultation with program users.
The User-Friendly Phone Book differentiates itself from other yellow pages by offering several added value features such as die-cut tabs.
The answer lies in just how attractive and user-friendly your Website is.
After receiving such a positive response from our Oklahoma City launch we are excited to provide the Edmond-Guthrie area the same unique directory," said Bruce Howard, Chief Executive Officer of User-Friendly.
Based on the YPMR reports released today, User-Friendly achieved a 21.
ALTools are user-friendly PC utilities for Windows and all are available for free for home users.
The revamp of Miracle Online, which accelerates the lender's closing process by providing LOS data integration, program customization, investor-specific document formatting and compliance editing, features more user-friendly screens and dynamic interactive forms.
Provides Highly Targeted Experiences with Rich Media Options & User-Friendly Interface
HYBRID[TM] Batteries, featuring a breakthrough technology, deliver the benefits of rechargeable batteries, but eliminate common user frustrations to provide the world's most user-friendly rechargeable battery to date.