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DNA was purified by using the MonoFas DNA isolation system (GL Science, Tokyo, Japan), and a blunt EcoRI-NotI-BamHI adaptor (10 pmol; Takara Bio Inc.
Selective laser sintering (SLS) machines are capable of using a variety of materials, so they can be useful in a variety of metalcasting facilities.
Pixie, a Caucasian female who enjoys surfing and skateboarding, is adamant about not learning well in school using books, yet ironically she recently one a national poetry contest.
In bivariate analyses, age, marital status and education level were significantly associated with using emergency contraception.
089 mg/L using the reported density of the transformer oil [1].
Digital signatures typically range from 128 bits using the MD5 algorithm to 160 bits in size using the more secure SHA1 (Secure Hash Algorithm 1).
In Asia and Africa, several paper mills are using tapioca-based starches, whereas Australia is using wheat-based starches.
During the project, one of the participants, let's call him T, finally confessed to his white roommate that he had secretly been using a lotah.
Balaban believes a company using supercritical C[O.
Using a modified Leigh-Dugmore formula, percent dispersion is calculated.
Minimize impacts to existing roads with reduced hauling: Using the existing concrete on grade as the source of base aggregate eliminates the importation of large volume of virgin material for reconstruction.
Anesthesia was accomplished for both teeth painlessly, using the N-tralig syringe for intraligamentary anesthesia (Miltex) and Septocaine 4% w/epinephrine 1:100,000 (Septodont).