usual method

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Your first impression is that the end of the world has come; and then you think that this cannot be, and that it is thieves and murderers, or else fire, and this opinion you express in the usual method.
Barak won the fight, and while he was making the victory complete by the usual method of exterminating the remnant of the defeated host, Sisera fled away on foot, and when he was nearly exhausted by fatigue and thirst, one Jael, a woman he seems to have been acquainted with, invited him to come into her tent and rest himself.
I will answer them both, and contrary to the usual method, the last first, because it is the least difficult.
As to setting about it, the usual method is to throw some susceptible person into a trance, which serves as a sort of bridge or cord of communication, by which the force beyond can give him, as it were, an electric shock, and awaken his higher senses.
The idea is evidently taken from the usual method of drying hides.
Resuming her usual methods, she wrote the word on the house with her finger.
As the CCTV industry moves to Network IP cameras the usual method to decode the network streams relies on a PC/Laptop or a Network Video Recorder.
Antibiotic sterilisation is the usual method to make the homografts germ- free.
Prosecutor David Wooler told a proceeds of crime hearing "her usual method of theft" was to visit a department store without a bag.
I FINALLY got the chance to put last year's Christmas decorations away properly at the weekend, as opposed to the usual method of stuffing them in a carrier bag under the stairs and hoping that neither daughter nor the dog find them and decide to use them as floor decorations.
The usual method of monitoring and selecting embryos relies on removing them from the incubator at specific points and assessing their development under a microscope.
Among others, it included the use of both runways for arrivals and the use of both runways for departures, instead of the usual method of using one runway for arrivals and the other for departures.