usual procedure

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That this was the usual procedure was so well known to Hook that in disregarding it he cannot be excused on the plea of ignorance.
The Ministry explained that the authorities have to be sure that standards are honored and are therefore checking the truthfulness of the information stated in the documents accompanying the imported products, which is a usual procedure.
According to Schell, "[T]he LAPD has provided no explanation as to why this court should shortcut the usual procedure for determining a bankruptcy appeal of a previous ruling in Bankruptcy Court.
The Odisha High Court on August 2 issued an order soliciting the port management to finish off its usual procedure and settle on tender request for the allotment of iron ore areas.
We adopted our usual procedure of crossing the road," he added.
Based on the syndicate bylaws, the usual procedure in such cases is that the oldest syndicate deputy takes over who is Salah Abdel-Maqsoud, also a Muslim Brotherhood group member.
Unlike the usual procedure in this country cinema-goers were not allowed to go in to the showing at any time but had to wait in the well-appointed cinema foyer for the show to begin.
This would have involved both accident investigation experts and scenes of crime officers, the usual procedure after a fatal incident.
By doing so, the vein is able to heal itself, allowing the patient to return to work after a few days rather than having to rest for a number of weeks under the usual procedure of stripping the vein away.
Graham Horne, Deputy Inspector General of the Insolvency Serves, part of the DTI, said that it did not appear that Mrs Abel had appeared at court to declare herself bankrupt, which would be the usual procedure for the receivers to go in.
The president confirmed he received the letter Wednesday, but said it was dated in July, and while his nomination was submitted by his country's foreign minister it was not sent to him through the New York mission, which is the usual procedure.
Brough Park racing manager Terry Meynell refuted Soppitt's claims, saying: "We had gone through our usual procedure and I was very happy with the track on Tuesday, in fact I'd go as far as saying it was the best it has been for a while.