usual thing

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What Jerry did was to yield in action to a brain impulse to do, not what seemed the easier and more usual thing, but to do what seemed the harder and more unusual thing.
The usual thing, you know, but I told her it was no good trying on that sort of thing with me.
It reached the island at night: and the look-out brought it to Solomon Caw, who thought at first that it was the usual thing, a message from a lady, saying she would be obliged if he could let her have a good one.
It is quite a usual thing to see them working in the fields in the morning, and working again in the afternoon, having in the interval produced a baby.
She urged Corbyn to keep the PM guessing and said the Labour leader should be "sparring on all corners, but doing it in a calm and collected way so that Dave can't do his usual thing of sarcastic comments, quips and shouting".
He'll do his usual thing and bowl along in front but is probably high enough in the handicap at the moment.
But still not a usual thing for a Championship club.
The usual thing to do is to admit them in hospitals, either for corporate surgery or for treatment, as the case may be, During such periods, it is not likely that they will work in full capacity, depending on the nature of the illness.
BASICALLY I woke up in the morning, I come downstairs, done my usual thing, let the dogs run around a bit as they're asleep in their beds, make myself a cup of coffee, had a cigarette, sat down, watched telly, just everyday things I guess.
35pm The burger van owner is doing his usual thing this week (this is the penultimate episode of the series; you know what to expect by now), pratting around in the studio with sidekick Gupta and a stash of dynamite.
At the end of the day it was the usual thing, chairs in a circle around a TV, but an occupational therapist came in and she got the old people doing needlework.
Concealment of the real picture at the bank was a usual thing for the management of the bank.