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Performances prior to the screening by Roaming Bear and post screening by “The Usuals.
Designers Niels van Eijk and Miriam van der Lubbe's newest product in their Usuals collection is a line of Bloom My Buddy Vases, which are being shown in Milan.
You've done the usuals - and just when ON THE OUR EXAMS, WE'RE PLANNING DOING SOMETHING SUPER TO IT it's about to approach awkward silence .
uk MOSELEY FOLK THE latest acts to be booked under the banner of the five-year-old Moseley Folk Festival based at 82 Fazeley Street, Digbeth B5 5RD include The Maladies of Bellafontaine, Malpas and The Usuals Hat who will all play the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath on October 1.
However, I had promised myself I wouldn't simply opt for my usuals and this was a policy I would not regret, as it turned out.
Well we have all your usuals - with only slightly less football than normal.
Then Kelly, early Stella, Twombly sometimes, Marden, Martin, Mangold, Ryman sometimes, Richter when he's abstract--the usuals.
The Cellars wine bar, lounge and brasserie offers the diner a truly Italian experience with all the usuals on the menu - pizza, pasta and risotto.
The website was clearly set out in aisles and after the first shop, it logged my last order and stored them as my usuals.
However on Sundays there is a choice of all the usuals that we have come to expect from pubs - roast beef and Yorkshire puds, lasagne, lamb shanks, pasta bake, creme caramel and ice cream.
It's got all the usuals you expect from CSI -complicated technical and medical terms miraculously translated into ordinary English by the characters, close-ups and zoom-ins of injuries or dissected bodies and stunning sun-drenched Florida scenery.
10, I had my regular Monday, start-of-the-week agenda in hand, mostly the usuals such as birthday shopping, some medical stops and menus for two retirees on heart-healthy regimens.