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Speaking in a ceremony held on the occasion of 23rd day of Ramadan, He reiterated that Quds Day is a day when Muslims come into streets to show loyalty to Quds as the Muslims first Qibla and to express hatred toward usurpers and their supporters.
Police teams from Ankara Public Security Office started the simultaneous operation at 06:00 Turkish Local Time (GMT 04:00) against pre-determined addresses which suspected usurpers residing and conducted wide range of search along with the cars.
A source has provided Killid with a copy of a list from the HLA with the names of 15 usurpers including Mohammad Saleem Taraki, former mayor of Herat and Arbab Mohammad Zarif the former governor of Kohsan district of Herat province.
THE second book of CS Lewis's epic series reunites the creative talents of The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe for a titanic battle between the Narnians and a race of human usurpers called the Telmarines.
THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: PRINCE CASPIAN (PG, 144 mins) THE second book of CS Lewis's epic fantasy series reunites the cast and crewof The Lion, TheWitch & The Wardrobe for a titanic battle between the gentle Narnians and race of human usurpers called the Telmarines.
By deploying the same against the strictest Constitutionalist in the race, the mandarins of the Beltway Right have revealed themselves as usurpers.
By learning how to appease the gods, particularly by avoiding offending Poseidon and staying in the good graces of Athena, he can ensure his safe return to Ithaca in time to remove the usurpers of his home.
His reply, shameless and unwavering, was the rationale of usurpers in every age: "To free her from tyrants.
Young King Charles II must escape from England before he is captured by his throne's usurpers and murdered.
Though evidently a just and compassionate ruler herself, she is the daughter of usurpers.
The usurpers eat the dwindling fungus and chop up the farmers' left-behind larvae as baby food for their own young.
Few CEOs are usurpers, as Henry was, but most of the ones I know report that at one time or another they've felt the resentment of subordinates.