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Cooking utensils in the restaurants were also dirty.
ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets continue to reward their loyal customers by giving them the opportunity to complete the collection of Italian cooking equipment MasterChef with confectionery pans and utensils.
38 of 2017 Environment Protection (Restriction on importation, distribution and sale of plastic utensils and polystyrene boxes) Regulations 2017
A survey by four major environmental groups determined that plastic utensils ranked among the 10 most common trash items found in California--which contributes to a larger problem: The United Nations estimates that the oceans contain more than 8 million tons of plastic.
Its kitchen utensils and special accessories include items such as fruit and vegetable slicers, squeezers, mixing bowls, measuring cups, and spoons, as well as professional-grade utensils.
Use of china crockery and such other utensils made of with plastic, glass or stainless steel have replaced the use of utensils made of traditional metal, said shopkeepers and customers at Kasera Bazaar while talking to reporter.
An investigation showed that cooking utensils stored in a top oven had caught fire after the oven was accidentally switched on on Monday.
A utensil shop keeper at Murree road said at Eid ul Azha women took keen interest in shopping crockery and cooking utensils as compare to Eid ul Fitr because majority of families arrange large gatherings at this occasion.
Using worn brass utensils, the various forms of a soldier's helmet, a terrorist's hood and a gas mask, Gupta has tried to show war and peace, public and private, and global and local, themes.
Retailers can wash and sanitize containers and utensils from any department with FFR-DSI's Pot, Pan and Utensil Washer.
Rajiv, a sweet shop- owner, allegedly threw boiling oil on one of the brothers and beat both up when he was asked to clear some utensils lying on the road outside his shop.