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It was reported that women with an elective CS history had thicker lower uterine segments at term, and this might imply better healing in elective CS compared with women who had an emergency CS.
Findings confirmed ectopic pregnancy in a lower uterine segment Cesarean scar.
The mechanism of implantation in this location is believed to be migration of the embryo through either the wedge defect in the lower uterine segment or a microscopic fistula within the scar.
It is speculated that the uterine muscle section during abdominal delivery interfered with its physiological stretching, and prevented or restricted the placenta moving away to the upper uterine segment in a subsequent pregnancy.
Magnetic resonance imaging with contrast filled through the bladder showing contrast in the lower uterine segment at the level of the previous Cesarean scar.
Ultrasonographic measurement of lower uterine segment to assess risk of defects of scarred uterus.
17 They had suggested that a single caesarean section is enough to interfere with the normal physiological stretching of lower uterine segment in subsequent pregnancies, thus preventing normal migration of placenta away to the upper uterine segment with results in increased incidence of placenta praevia with scarred uterus.
According to some authors' opinion during labor in vertical position the pressure of fetal bladder and the presenting part of foetus onto the receptor device of lower uterine segment during uterine activity result in effective opening of womb mouth which is accompanied by the shortening of delivery duration.
The balloon was deflated just before the end of the procedure and additional saline instilled while the catheter was slowly withdrawn to enable a full evaluation of the lower uterine segment and endocervical canal.
6 cms round to oval mass also involving lower uterine segment and upper vaginal wall.
TABLE 1 Characteristics of patients undergoing lower uterine segment caesarean section or labour analgesia (and combined) in whom pencil-point ((Whitacre) and cutting-edge (Quincke) spinal needles were used LUSCS (n=30) Pencil- Cutting- P value point edge Patient numbers 18 (60%) 12 (40%) <0.
There was bleeding from the left lower uterine segment, which was ligated and sutured.