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Ultrasonographic measurement of lower uterine segment to assess risk of defects of scarred uterus.
Myometrial invasion of 18/20 mm of myometrial thickness was present, and the lower uterine segment was involved up to the endocervical junction.
The transverse incision was present in the posterior wall of the lower uterine segment.
An abdominal computed tomographic scan showed the presence of a lobulated pelvic mass arising from the right lower uterine segment, with left lateral displacement of the bladder.
The cervix is bivalved to the level of the lower uterine segment (Image 5).
7,8] Some risk factors have been advocated for the development of VUF, such as an inadequate reflection of the bladder from lower uterine segment, excessive intra-operative bleeding, severe dystocia, forceps delivery, obstetrical vacuum, manual removal of the placenta, placenta percreta, uterine rupture, previous Cesarean section and dilatation and curettage.
The surgeons found a large uterine rupture (12x5 cm) in the lower uterine segment and massive haemoperitoneum.
The new device offers greater cornual coverage and improved treatment of the lower uterine segment than the current system.