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By utilizing the installed power for torque (instead of speed) during the short load peaks, and to keep the average speed high enough, the installed power can be utilized better and the mixing cycle time can be minimized as well.
The same basic display technology could potentially be utilized in various size applications, from hand-held to TV size displays.
33 million were utilized while in 2014-15 Rs 11,679.
Howver only two months of the current fiscal year are remaining, in which all amount is not expected to be utilized.
CGPA analysis of utilization of development budget for the fiscal year 2015-16 depicts that nearly 18% of its allocated development budget has been utilized in the first half of FY 2015-16.
First effective platform for bringing general purpose, widely utilized Linux file systems to real time data recording.
Similar to the methodology utilized by search engines, SEMLogic(TM) uses semantic analysis in examining a company's online competition and identifying patterns and trends as well as establishing what search engine crawlers are recognizing as the strongest supporting words.
The company's fleet consists of 32 High-Specification Floaters (semisubmersibles and drillships), 23 Other Floaters, 25 Jackups and other assets utilized in the support of offshore drilling activities worldwide.
LoMaS(R), ADS' supply chain management application, will be utilized to manage and provide total supply chain visibility.
The Company believes that this technology can be utilized to increase energy efficiency in a number of HVAC&R related applications.
The MM-333D board resides in the Ensemble ATCA chassis, and an Ensemble Serial RapidIO x4 ATCA carrier board is also utilized in the demo with a PowerPC(TM) mezzanine from GDA(R) Technologies.
Nighthawk products are currently utilized by satisfied customers in forty states.