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Often when two or more electric motors/pumps are utilized, these can also be started one-by-one, minimizing the starting current even further.
He suggests that the disciplinary/knowledge of medications utilized in institutions, is not sufficient for those needing medications and require the situated/knowledge of the case manager as the key figure in medication monitoring.
The final essential element of the assessment package is the instruments utilized by the educational institution as a whole.
Ladle inoculation technology is characterized by a fairly high inoculant addition and may be utilized in both low- and high-volume casting production.
The company's IP Payments Framework[TM] (IPPF) provides an SOA-based infrastructure for the payments industry that can be utilized to host payments networks, as well as free toolkits to connect services, devices and applications to open payments.
The same basic display technology could potentially be utilized in various size applications, from hand-held to TV size displays.
Enables the use of Hierarchal Storage where Anvil can support high sustained front-end throughput and A) large density, low cost SATA hard disk drives can be reliably utilized for secondary storage where more costly SCSI or fibre channel drives would otherwise be required, and B) far fewer hard disk drives can be utilized to achieve the necessary bandwidth and storage requirements resulting in reduced cost and complexity.
Fortune Interactive utilized its proprietary SEMLogic(TM) technology to ascertain what metrics were crucial to the web pages organically ranked on the first page of search results for the competitive key phrase "laptop" on Google, Yahoo and MSN.
This QFE product development represents the culmination of an extensive research effort to discover an effective replacement for presently utilized crystalline detector materials.
LoMaS(R), ADS' supply chain management application, will be utilized to manage and provide total supply chain visibility.
The Company believes that this technology can be utilized to increase energy efficiency in a number of HVAC&R related applications.