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Range of Expected Cost Reductions from PSH for 660 High Hospital Utilizers State Hospital State-Purchased Local Psych Inpatient (LIPOS) Minimum cost avoidance $573,435 $1,483,538 Maximum cost avoidance $2,359,275 $4,454,187 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Hidden' psychiatric disorders lurk in high utilizers of medical services
Table 1 presents the frequency and percentage of after-hours clinical calls for all subjects, and separately for high utilizers.
Calls from high utilizers tended to less often concern a new problem and to have a different pattern of diagnoses.
The five targeted interventions and early outcomes: Upper Respiratory Infections, Ultra Utilizers with Severe Mental Illness, Ultra Utilizers with Back Pain, Ultra Utilizers in the Non-Mental Health Population, and Dental Care in the ED;
Upstream interventions and 'pre-patriation' processes designed to reach potential high utilizers before they arrive in the ER;
Substance dependent patients tend to be high utilizers of a spectrum of health care services, and the chronic relapsing nature of this disease tends to result in significant time off from work.
With AEPC members' interests in mind, ActiveHealth's ICM program was selected to identify and assist members who have serious chronic medical conditions and could be high-cost utilizers of health care services," said Paranjpe.
Case Management in the ED for High Utilizers (New 9-00, update 12-04)
Decrease in percent of utilizers documented; pharmacy utilization PMPY increased across all lines of business