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But the Anemolians, because they dwell far thence, and had very little acquaintance with them, hearing that they were all apparelled alike, and that very rudely and homely, thinking them not to have the things which they did not wear, being therefore more proud than wise, determined in the gorgeousness of their apparel to represent very gods, and with the bright shining and glistening of their gay clothing to dazzle the eyes of the silly poor Utopians.
So there came in three Ambassadors with a hundred servants all apparelled in changeable colours; the most of them in silks; the Ambassadors themselves (for at home in their own country they were noble men) in cloth of gold, with great chains of gold, with gold hanging at their ears, with gold rings upon their fingers, with brooches and aglettes* of gold upon their caps, which glistered full of pearls and precious stones; to be short, trimmed and adorned with all those things, which among the Utopians were either the punishment of bondmen, or the reproach of infamed persons, or else trifles for young children to play withall.
Therefore it would have done a man good at his heart to have seen how proudly they displayed their peacocks' feathers; how much they made of their painted sheathes; and how loftily they set forth and advanced themselves, when they compared their gallant apparel with the poor raiment of the Utopians.
For to the eyes of all the Utopians, except very few, which had been in other countries for some reasonable cause, all that gorgeousness of apparel seemed shameful and reproachful; in so much that they most reverently saluted the vilest and most abject of them for lords; passing over the Ambassadors themselves without any honour; judging them by their wearing of golden chains to be bondmen.
But when the Ambassadors had been there a day or two, and saw so great abundance of gold so lightly esteemed, yea, in no less reproach than it was with them in honour; and, besides that, more gold in the chains and gyves of one fugitive bondman, than all the costly ornaments of their three was worth; then began a-bate their courage, and for very shame laid away all that gorgeous array whereof they were so proud; and especially when they had talked familiarly with the Utopians, and had learned all their fashions and opinions.
The BBC4 series, 'Utopia: In Search of the Dream', which began this week, is also timely in light of the centenary of the Russian Revolution, perhaps the most ambitious utopian project of them all.
The Last Utopian is billed as an immersive theatrical sci-fi event.
In Paradise Now: The Story of American Utopianism, Chris Jennings brings us a fresh and incisive reading of nineteenth-century American utopian experiments.
This contribution to our understanding of utopian literature focuses on the changing form of the English utopia from Thomas More to the middle of the seventeenth century.
Charter school leaders at Utopian Academy for the Arts announced their intension to have an independent appraisal of the old Riverdale Elementary property owned by the Clayton County Board of Education.
In the book review article at hand I discuss Douwe Fokkema's 2011 Perfect Worlds: Utopian Fiction in China and the West and the collected volumes Noir Urbanisms: Dystopic Images of the Modern City (2010) edited by Gyan Prakash, Utopia/Dystopia: Conditions of Historical Possibility (2010) edited by Michael D.
ElliotAEs 1970 text examining the link between utopian science fiction and satire through close readings of classic texts by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Jonathon Swift, Aldous Huxley, Thomas More, and others, includes a new introduction by literary and utopian scholar Phillip E.