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It would be tempting to examine what connections there are between the tension arising from this double time frame and both the utopistic enclosedness of universities against other "realities" and the apparent genre hybridity that characterises campus novels, including the circular romance and the linear (industrial or social) Victorian novel.
If the world left is ever able to put in place a libertarian socialist alternative to capitalism in crisis, this will require the application of utopistic thinking.
Books include, respectively, The Modern World-System (4 volumes); Utopistics, or Historical Choices for the Twenty-first Century; and Unthinking Social Science: The Limits of Nineteenth-Century Paradigms.
His published work includes The Decline of American Power, Utopistics and After Liberalism.
Immanuel Wallerstein, Utopistics, New York, The New Press, 1999.
Utopistics, as formulated by world-systems theorist Immanuel Wallerstein, is "the serious assessment of historical alternatives, the exercise of our judgment as to the substantive rationality of alternative possible historical systems.