utterly illogical

See: irrational
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The world is full of petty-minded people who get their kicks out of spoiling other people's simple pleasures by enforcing utterly illogical and pointless regulations.
Terming her a "daughter-in-law of Pakistan" is utterly illogical.
They say that in Okta's tender documents, it was required of the truck drivers to be also responsible for the quality of the fuel which is utterly illogical.
he asked, adding: "It is utterly illogical to blame the working class for the country's economic crisis.
It is utterly illogical to suggest there are no costs involved in the production, distribution and marketing of an alcoholic product.
It is utterly illogical to deny personnel resources to a State body that has a crucial role in creating employment.
Rijkaard, who has suffered his own share of racial abuse in Spanish and Italian football, praised Eto'o's resilience and added: "These incidents are not only sad for football, they're utterly illogical.
This is not only utterly illogical, it is also dangerously barmy.
At the same time, not coming to the rescue of another nation's people should a dictator run amok is similarly utterly illogical.
SDSM refuted the proposal instantaneously, explaining that the proposal was utterly illogical bearing in mind the consensus may block the work of the inquiry committee, Utrinski vesnik reports.