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The boy put his hand to his head as if he were making an effort to recollect something, and then, looking vacantly at his questioner, gradually broke into a smile, and limped away.
As soon as his chattering teeth would let him speak, he smiled vacantly, and said he thought it must have been the Cramp.
He faced Mr Verloc across the table, and remained very good and quiet, staring vacantly.
They both glanced at the subject of this remark, who had taken a seat on the other side of the fire, and, smiling vacantly, was making puzzles on his fingers with a skein of string.
echoed Barnaby, sitting upright upon the floor, and staring vacantly at Gabriel, as he thrust his hair back from his face.
He looked at her in doubt and dread, vacantly repeating: 'Curse the hour?
As the Jew uttered these words, his bright dark eyes, which had been staring vacantly before him, fell on Oliver's face; the boy's eyes were fixed on his in mute curiousity; and although the recognition was only for an instant--for the briefest space of time that can possibly be conceived--it was enough to show the old man that he had been observed.
He stood with his lovely burden in his arms, gazing vacantly on the countenances of his friends, without the slightest attempt at recognition or explanation.
I've just about mastered what nephews and nieces are, but start bringing in terms like "second cousin twice removed" and I'll just smile at you even more vacantly than usual.
Threeand-a-half years later, returning from a stint in France as part of her university degree course, she saw Matty in his chair, a blank figure, staring vacantly, no signs of life, and knew it was hopeless.
Wearing a striped prison jump suit he starred vacantly, only speaking to confirm address, age and jobless status.
I do, on occasion, get a reluctant, half-hearted paw, but most of the time she just stares at me vacantly as I shout paw, paw, paw, in differing tones before giving up in despair.