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Moreover, when two people are once parted--have abandoned a common domicile and a common environment--new growths insensibly bud upward to fill each vacated place; unforeseen accidents hinder intentions, and old plans are forgotten.
Her eyes were resting upon the empty place which Wingrave had just vacated.
The white man singled out the weakest, and put him in the place just vacated by the corpse.
Even as they moved, a Snider exploded that was aimed in the general direction of the spot just vacated.
Not long after Miss Ladd had returned to her school, she heard of an artist who was capable of filling the place to be vacated by Alban Morris.
took the place at the landing-stage vacated by the boats of the
Finally, after a very long sitting, Mr Snittle Timberry vacated the chair, and the company with many adieux and embraces dispersed.
It was only then that Captain Anthony turned, looked at the place they had vacated and resumed his tramping, but not his desultory conversation with his second officer.
I'll go and shoot now,' he turned on his heel and vacated the apartment by the window as he came, and setting on his hat with an air, took up his gun and walked away, whistling as he went - and leaving me not too much agitated to finish my picture, for I was glad, at the moment, that I had vexed him.
He vacated his chair by the desk, and Edna took down the receiver.
Osborne's own state portrait, with that of his great silver inkstand and arm- chair, had taken the place of honour in the dining-room, vacated by the family-piece.
That's Yashvin," Vronsky said in answer to Turovtsin, and he sat down in the vacated seat beside them.