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a total of 221,253 people had been vaccinated so far out of which 149494 had been vaccinated at FR Bannu, 9180 at Bannu, 8430 at Tank, 5081 Lakki Marwat, 6247 D.
In response, an MMR vaccination programme has been taking place throughout schools and as of Monday, 2,019 schoolchildren had been vaccinated across Middlesbrough, Stockton and Redcar.
They urged anyone who was born after 1970 and who hasn't had measles, or two doses of MMR, to be vaccinated, but expressed particular concern for people aged 10 to 18 - the group hardest hit by the epidemic.
Recent figures have shown more than 60,000 people have been vaccinated with MMR in Wales since the beginning of March and that cases in the Swansea outbreak have now reached 1,136.
Parents of unvaccinated children, as well as older teenagers and young adults, who may have missed MMR vaccination, should be aware that it's never too late to get vaccinated.
He said 25,000 people had been vaccinated as part of a regular program over the last few months, and an additional 25,000 have been vaccinated since the outbreak.
It showed that he had not been vaccinated since birth.
Medical records were used to divide women into two groups those who had been vaccinated against measles during infancy and those with naturally acquired immunity from measles infection earlier in life.
This is because the level of antibodies infants get from their mother drops over time, leaving them susceptible until they are vaccinated, says the study.
Seventy nurses toured the schools and vaccinated students and teachers, abiding by the doses recommended by World Health Organisation.
By the end of yesterday's session at 2pm, Makarios Hospital had vaccinated 16 healthcare personnel plus one pregnant woman.
Noting that swine flu vaccines were like an insurance, Akdag said that healthy adults would not be vaccinated, and also they would ask for a permission of parents to vaccinate their children.