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One of the main arguments against vaccinating young women for HPV is that they will somehow compensate for the vaccine's protective nature by having more sex," explains Noel T.
Chief Executive Philip Lymbery will be meeting with Defra officials this afternoon to urge them to start vaccinating immediately if this third suspected case outside of the surveillance zone is confirmed.
Mexico has been vaccinating poultry since the HPAI outbreak in 1994 without applying the DIVA principle.
In 2005, our flu immunization program alone was responsible for vaccinating more than 3 million people.
MUSAKHEL -- Three-day anti-polio campaign in Musakhel ended after vaccinating 26,500 children of the area, while 357 children remained without vaccination.
He said the UK should follow the US and Canada in routinely vaccinating under-fives.
Of course, veterinarians need to provide rabies vaccinations, but with most other vaccinations people can do the vaccinating at home and much more economically.
We are also vaccinating frontline health and social care workers to ensure we continue to care for the most vulnerable people in the community.
Although the study was not designed to examine the process of and impact of physician counseling, it appeared that those who had been counseled had more positive attitudes toward the vaccine and understood better the reasons for vaccinating their daughters prior to initiation of sexual activity," the researchers noted.
2) Roberta Monroe says vaccinating her horses against the West Nile virus is ``a small price to pay to keep them healthy.
We modeled the effects of an initial mass vaccination campaign of the target population and then continued vaccinating the target population.
At least 125 deaths would result from vaccinating everyone in the United States, Lane and his colleague Joel Goldstein of the Children's Clinic in Morrow, Ga.