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of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, CDC, noted that, among HCP whose employers did not require vaccination, coverage among those whose employers made vaccination available on site at no cost for more than 1 day was 83.
Of the 65% of women who received a vaccination offer, 68% chose to get the influenza vaccination.
Bringing this message to the patients and authorities and increasing awareness of true value of vaccination is of great importance nowadays.
Like herd immunity, the vaccination process is a numbers game.
La celebration de la semaine nationale de vaccination constitue une opportunite de rappeler l'importance de l'immunisation contre les maladies evitables par la vaccination et du respect du calendrier de vaccination.
Afterwards, Her Royal Highness attended the vaccination of a child against measles and handed him the vaccination notebook.
it's unsafe to take your baby swimming around the time of a vaccination.
In its campaign to raise public awareness on the importance of vaccination for children and adults, the Health Authority - Abu Dhabi (Hd) has introduced several vaccination programmes for various age groups -- from infants up to adults and elderly.
But some other locals have been more wary of vaccination campaigns, which have at times been shrouded in controversy.
The GSK survey also revealed that, of the people who did not complete their vaccination schedule, 17% said they did not have enough time to do so before going on holiday and 12% simply forgot.
He further directed to immediately convene a meeting of the airport authorities to set up a polio counter at the airport for the purpose and to depute vaccination staff of both the health department and Civil Aviation Authority with round the clock duties in separate shifts.