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DHO Dr Saddaruddin Siddiqui has appealed to parents and guardians of children under five years of age to cooperate with the vaccinators teams visiting their houses.
According to local media reports at least 41 vaccinators have lost their lives while on duty and scores of volunteers have faced death threats.
Bughran is a restive district but militants have never prevented vaccinators and in some cases the Taliban have assisted polio workers," he added.
He thanked various partners such as the state governments, lakhs of supervisor and vaccinators, volunteers, WHO, UNICEF, Rotary International, World Bank, USAID, DFID and many more who have made this achievement possible.
Both vaccinators were volunteers and running the polio campaign without informing the concerned authorities, and did not get any security," Saeed said.
In Akobo county, vaccinators did not reach some places due to high level of water from the recent flooding.
At one point, WHO and Unicef teams had to carry weapons after a number of vaccinators were beaten.
Beginning with a list of vaccinators provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Atlanta, GA, USA) and searching with Google for "onsite vaccinators," we identified 17 national and 28 local vaccinators (full list available from the authors).
31) The Compulsory Vaccination Act (1853) forced the physician's style of medicine on the people's bodies by mandating vaccination, creating public vaccinators, and linking vaccination with the Poor Law.
Starting from 29 March, tens of thousands of vaccinators set out on the first of Somalia's 2004 National Immunisation Days (NIDs), a three-day trek through the country to deliver the polio vaccine to every child under 5 years old.
This declaration triggers this liability protection for both manufactures and vaccinators.
Of the total 85 million doses, 55% were delivered by the end of October, and 87% of physicians surveyed by the Centers for Disease Control and reported receiving at least half of their vaccine order at the Prevention There beginning of were reports that in some places mass vaccinators had vaccine while physicians' offices did not.