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A few mentioned instances of dishonesty by the vaccinators, for instance, a respondent mentioned that vaccinators make entries on the vaccination cards without vaccinating the child.
If the number is positive, the country has enough capacity to vaccinate; if negative, the country needs more vaccinators, increased vaccination efficiency, or more campaign days.
In places like the tribal areas of Pakistan, male vaccinators are often not allowed to enter a stranger's home, whereas female health workers can deliver the vaccine to vulnerable children, along with other routine immunizations and basic health services.
Moreover, 31(74%) participants knew about shake test (performed to determine whether adsorbed vaccines have been affected by freezing) and 34(81%) vaccinators knew how to perform the test as they demonstrated it correctly.
Polio Eradication Program in Afghanistan is impartial and has no connection to any party; therefore, quarrel parties have always been encouraged to provide safe and secure environment for vaccinators and health workers for a successful implementation of the polio vaccination campaign to protect children against polio disease across the country.
According to IOM, heavy rains and poor roads also disrupted access to several areas for several days of the campaign, requiring vaccinators and supervisors to endure difficult conditions to reach target populations.
Around 1600 android mobile phone were handed over to 1400 health vaccinators including supervisors to monitor the routine immunization in the province.
The attackers rode by on a motorbike while the vaccinators were administering a vaccination to a child inside a house, said Tahir Naveed, a city police chief, World Bulletin reported.
The trained vaccinators will be available on wards and in other clinical settings so their colleagues can get immunised quick- quick ly and with minimal disruption.
Peshawar: A roadside bomb exploded in northwest Pakistan on Wednesday killing two off-duty polio vaccinators and their relative, officials said.
The vaccinators were died in Shakar Shila area of Sangin district today's afternoon, a provincial public health official, Dr Ubaidullah Daudzai, told Pajhwok Afghan News.
The UAE on Saturday condemned in the strongest possible terms the terrorist bomb blasts on Saturday in Pakistan's north-western tribal region, killing 12 and injuring 12 policemen who were guarding polio vaccinators.