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As the Nikkei index vacillates and bank assets deteriorate, Japan needs to take a close look at the fundamentals of its financial system.
Meanwhile Congress is divided and the Park Service vacillates, pushing both development and preservation, often simultaneously.
The tension between the twins is thick: While Jacob is extremely confident about this decision, Joshua vacillates, considering the potential damaging effects on their career and the potential devastating loss of their family.
Experienced television, film and voice-over actor Chin vacillates from the innocent voice of Kevin to the more mature, ancient voice of the Time Traveler.
The series can't decide whether to emphasize the jokey or the serious aspects of the show, so the series vacillates between scenes in which the cast members witness video of actual officers being ambushed and silly scenes of celebrities partying and doing their laundry.
To avoid being completely theoretical, Richey follows the relationship of one specific master/slave relationship, Robert and Mary Dante, and their slave-in-training, Mercedes, which vacillates between menage a trois to fromage a trois, depending on one's viewpoint.
She nails the 13-year-old Marya who vacillates between loving her younger brother dearly to wanting him to go away.
This time, in the story of a gay man who is seduced by a woman and then vacillates between her and his male lover, the tactics are similar but the effect is far more light.