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Tourists will flock in their thousands, albeit - unless the vacillations of LFC and the council come to an end - to be greeted by what one former city leader famously described as "a warzone".
The key is to not play into the market vacillations by letting your feelings dictate your financial strategy.
Capello and his entourage's public vacillations over taking the captaincy off Rio Ferdinand and handing it back to John Terry have overshadowed preparations for tomorrow's Euro 2012 qualifier.
economic news on US, though these vacillations are on the increase now due to
Since prices dropped approximately 32% in 2009 from the peak in 2007, they have been bouncing along the bottom with vacillations up and down depending on product type and sub-market.
Underscoring the North's constant vacillations, South Korea's Yonhap news agency on Tuesday quoted an official in Seoul as saying that Pyongyang was in the final stages of restoring its Yongbyon nuclear plant.
If, however, you're not au fait with the vacillations of author Carrie Bradshaw(Parker) and her pals Samantha (Cattrall), Charlotte (Davis) and Miranda (Nixon), then Michael Patrick King's film will be as appealing as horizontal stripes on a beer gut.
But I wish that he had grappled more fully with the context of many liberals' vacillations on national-security policy--the tension, which nobody seems to know how to resolve, between the protection of American interests and the expansion of American ideals.
Yet despite vacillations of style and personality cults, some aspects and issues are still relevant--the role of patronage, the application of technology, social and environmental responsibility, regional identity, reconciling the local with the global, how to humanise the large scale.
Only very novice viewers, however, might find such vacillations confusing.
The transatlantic airlines are watching the American travel market waver, while the economists follow the vacillations of the US economy and the crucial decisions of the Federal Reserve (page 26).
How this method worked itself out in literature is evident in Shakespeare's soliloquies--Hamlet's vacillations, Lear's ravings--and eventually also in the Metaphysical poets of the seventeenth century, with their "heterogeneous ideas yoked by violence together.