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The title of Queen of Vacuity must go to Nigella Lawson, who is back on the box with a posh people's survival guide to cooking for other posh people while not really having to do very much.
But perhaps more importantly, the study illustrates that Americans have wised up to the absolute vacuity of network news.
An education whose purposes exclude a child's creativity only darkens a "dark vacuity.
In a 1995 book review, Elena Kagan observed that Supreme Court confirmation hearings had taken on "an air of vacuity and farce.
It clarifies how to differentiate between internal and external, vacuity and repletion, and cold and heat to determine cause.
Also note the breathtaking vacuity of Helmke's assurance that "more guns" are not "the solution to gun violence.
Her work is entwined with the sins and suffering that idolatry spawns: the seduction of status, "originality," youth, quests for immortality, what Ecclesiastes called hevel--vanity, vacuity, breath.
Based on these findings, her pattern was discriminated as liver depression-spleen vacuity with ascension of depressive heat and a simple spleen vacuity having evolved over a long time into a spleen-kidney dual vacuity.
In the past 20 years, the Crimson, like the College itself, has turned away from gravity and "what matters" to vacuity and the fashionable.
Yet, as in AoThe Family ManAo and other self-flagellating cautionary tales about the vacuity of fortune and fame, the viewer is meant to believe that, in spite of all this, Stone remains fundamentally unfulfilled inside.
The 12 papers presented discuss compilation of certificates; formal foundations of computer security; building a software model checker; automatic refinement and vacuity detection in symbolic trajectory evaluation; automated and interactive theorem proving; correctness of effect-based program transformations; abstract and concrete models for recursion; secrecy analysis in protocol composition logic; the engineering challenges of trustworthy computing; reflecting quantifier elimination for linear arithmetic; content in proofs of list reversal; and proof theory, large functions, and combinatorics.