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An illustration of the coalition's vacuity is that when Obama was talking about winning against Daesh, he was also talking about the need to develop a complete strategy for training the Iraqi forces.
Diana was left in a state of total vacuity by the pressures of this family.
The present juncture regarding the absence of consensus on board the cabinet is unhealthy yet, this could be regarded better than political vacuity," he exclaimed.
The ritualized exchange between those spouting revolutionary jargon in broken English and those who wield state power with tactical dispassion is exposed in all its pompous vacuity when confronted with a powerful image from the hostage crisis.
Is this vacuity limited to North Tyneside or is it nationwide?
To its great credit, this extremely competent novel has prompted uncritical vacuity and petty comments in some American book reviews.
Corin plays the Armageddon cardsharper, roping you in while she ups the ante throughout this breakneck array--random reading recommended-and, dazzlingly, changes the Four Horsemen into the guileless kewpie dolls of American vacuity until you want to run to the keyboard and bitches brew your very own creeping-flesh apocalypse.
Against the tendencies evident in so much modern social science writing, which Alfred Schutz got right back in 1940 when he pointed to its lethal mix of 'intellectual vacuity and ethical nihilism', Wahl makes a refreshing change.
And it is this: the total and utter vacuity of 79 per cent of the output.
The contrast between the Games - a carnival of competition - and the profligate vacuity which characterised the Millennium Dome project is stark.
Feeding activity was evaluated by using the vacuity index (VI), the percentage of empty stomachs (number of stomachs with prey/total number of stomachs) x 100 (Hyslop, 1980): low feeding activity is considered when high vacuity is observed.
His perspectives include a fragile and uncertain I, a labile consciousness, the pure consciousness of philosophers, impermanence and vacuity, unfinished humanity, techniques of the body and spiritual exercises, Christian anthropology, discipline of interior life, suffering and culpability, wisdoms and human sciences, metaphysics and religions, and anthropology and wisdoms.