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Keep working at it, Michael and one day you may get upgraded to a Vacuous D-Lister.
Because Becky never needed to work on her face or figure - just whatever it is that makes her feel she's less of a person than the vacuous girlies she comes up against on telly.
A shot across the bows of the vacuous in Britain who believe none of us must be held responsible for idiotic camera-courting and inane tweeting.
WHY was the BNP's crass and vacuous party political broadcast censored on Tuesday?
Now, she wants to complete the overhaul by having hypnotherapy to become more vacuous and stupid.
Young ladies will instead be asked to say what appears to be a rather daft, dire and vacuous statement of drivel.
It had some merit as it was so vacuous no one could object.
On the screen a succession of day-time airheads preened themselves or gossiped with even more vacuous D-list celebrities.
AFTER all the hype and obsession with the vacuous concept of "celebrity" surrounding James Arthur's win in the latest X Factor, it is so pleasing to read of the success of Andrew Snell, left, in gaining a place in the National Youth Orchestra against considerable competition.
CDATA[ The vacuous agitprop mobs who march for the abstraction of "social justice" don't live among those for whose rights they agitate.
London, Nov 5 (ANI): Tamara Ecclestone, who constantly moans that people just see her as a "very spoilt, very stupid, vacuous and empty human being", did little to prove otherwise in the opening episode of her new reality TV show 'Billion $$$ Girl'.
the vacuous, ubiquitous catchphrase of today's yoof - something even worse comes along.