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An overview of the continuing epidemic of rape in Darfur, which Mindaoudou again chooses not to mention (no doubt because UNAMID's reporting on this brutal weapon of war is so vacuously thin): "Rape as a Continuing Weapon on War in Darfur: Reports, bibliography of studies, a compendium of incidents," March 4, 2012 http://www.
For example, the dislocation between interior and exterior realms is acute, precisely because the verse doesn't vacuously turn its back on their troubled coexistence.
69) After Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, the strategy formulation and decision process operated vacuously, failing to determine strategic objectives and the means to obtain them.
The more festively it's dressed and the more vacuously it goes down, the better.
For in the end, the territorial and anti-reductive architectures of The Human Condition respond to two different intuitions about what threatens political freedom in modernity: one focuses on the destruction of socially and institutionally differentiated spaces in which people can exercise, and experience the meaning of, public freedom; the other is concerned with the prospect that, in struggling to preserve such differentiated spaces, we may insulate them so tightly from their social settings that they become vacuously self-referential, and thus politically impotent.
The two Australian girls, Kelsey, Next Top Model for just one minute, and the real winner Amanda, were suitably and vacuously magnanimous in both defeat and victory.
They vacuously wave their weapons at the occasional grim-faced foe, but they are really only there to move the story forward - nothing more.
Look around at any congested traffic signal and you will spot car stereos blaring out the funnies even as people sitting inside stare vacuously staring into space and silently grin away.
Bostock's blued-eyed, blond-haired cuteness represents a "morphological type"; he is the late twentieth-century American adolescent, "well nourished and so vacuously secure in [his] own natural and social prerogatives" (Adair, 28).
Colker, trendy Brazilian choreographer that she may be, loses any communication, any message or, in fact, reason as the dance exquisitely, but vacuously, slides along from one set-piece scene to another with a few clever pieces of dance, but generally a dance vocabulary that is more gesture and athletics than substance.
Because as soon as Joseph Kaiser hit the stage with his drunkenly swaggering, pompous yet vacuously innocent Steva, suspense took hold and didn't let go until the last notes.
The deduction applies in the singular as well, but vacuously.