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Further, the report states that the residential robotic vacuum cleaners have high battery consumption rates.
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They require vacuum cleaner manufacturers to grade the corded products using an A-G scale on energy efficiency, dust pickup on carpet and hard floor with crevices, dust re-emissions and the sound level measured in decibels.
Rest assured, they're more costly than the other vacuum cleaners in the market.
The European Union plans to introduce a new energy labelling system for vacuum cleaners in September 2014, rating products from A-G based on performance and energy efficiency.
The company, founded by Sir James Dyson, said growth was driven by surging demand for its lightweight, battery-powered vacuum cleaners, which have small digital motors.
The hose of the proprietary vacuum cleaner can be extended to the driver's seat from the rear luggage space and the vacuum runs for eight minutes even after the engine is stopped.
The vacuum cleaner can also be operated by remote control once the user has created a map of their home on their smartphone by downloading the appropriate free application software, the Osaka-based electronics maker said.
2 pounds (nearly one kg) of cocaine inside the box before the unit was shipped from Juarez, the Mexican border city, where the vacuum cleaner had recently been sent for repair.
The vacuum cleaner is compact and light, weighing 6.
Equipped with easy-to-use accessories, the vacuum cleaner is also compact and light, weighing just 6.
As part of the spectacle, the dwarf pulls a Henry vacuum cleaner across the show attached to his penis.