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The Vacuum Collection System features a debris containment bin that hydraulically raises up to 60” to easily place collected materials into a dump trailer, pickup bed or on top of a compost pile, while the operator remains in the seat.
The vacuum collection system will serve a full community of 277 villas at UAQ Marina and will consist of approximately 40 valve chambers connected to a central vacuum station, which will also be connected to a sewage treatment plant with a total sewer line of 11 km at a later date," said Tareq Alhaddad, Business Development Manager, Zenath Contracting & Environmental Engineering Services
is a world leader in the manufacture of dry bulk material processing equipment, pneumatic conveyors, dust collectors, insulation blowing machines and vacuum collection systems.
Dust potential, defined as the mass of airborne particles collected on the preweighed filter during a 15-second (manually switched) vacuum collection interval, was determined by the technique.