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Dating way back to 1639, the converted coaching inn was the birthplace of Sir James Dewar - the celebrated physicist and chemist who's best known for inventing the vacuum flask.
In an unusual move, the action begins with the overture as dog walkers, a couple with their vacuum flask enjoying the open air and an end of the pier entertainer in a tutu all help to create the nautical scene.
IF your vacuum flask has become smelly then freshen it up by pouring one tablespoon of vinegar and one level teaspoon of salt into the flask.
In winter, consider a wide-necked vacuum flask which can take soups and stews.
The colder you get the slower chemical reactions happen, then you are cooled to liquid nitrogen temperature and you are put into a gigantic vacuum flask.
Tenders are invited for Flask Osaka Collection Stainless Steel Bento Vacuum Flask 1 Ltr Capacity Or Similar.
1842: Sir James Dewar, Scottish physician and chemist and inventor of the vacuum flask, was born at Kincardine-on-Forth.
I lose bits, never read the instructions and what started out as a great labour-saving device ends up in the kitchen graveyard cupboard along with a selection of vacuum flask tops, old carrier bags and the innards of a long dead toasty maker.
Tips: put the gravy in a vacuum flask unless you want it all over your car.
Also, take some high energy food such as chocolate, warm clothing and, if possible, a vacuum flask in case of breakdowns.
DON'T FORGET A LITTLE FRIEND: Mini double wall insulated vacuum flask, pounds 11.