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In the lilliputian realm of modern electronics, old-style vacuum tubes have all the charm of hulking Gullivers.
Like the Vacuum Tube Soundbar, this product can also be used as a wireless television speaker.
Our vacuum tube lamps will soon look as dated to us as the old radios, TV sets and computer monitors.
Penta Laboratories, founded in 1951, is a Manufacturer and Distributor of Vacuum Tubes, Capacitors and Electron Tubes for Broadcast, Industrial, Marine, Medical, and Avionics applications worldwide.
One can estimate the pressure in a vacuum tube from the dimensions and the draw volume using the ideal gas law.
The technology, now being researched in just two other countries - the US and Switzerland - theoretically allows trains to run in vacuum tubes at speeds of up to 20,000 kilometers per hour, according to Science Pictorial.
Transrectifier is a device, ordinarily a vacuum tube, in which rectification occurs in one electrode circuit when an alternating voltage is applied to another electrode.
FIRST Ok, so it's not strictly a vacuum tube, but it is a tube with vacuum in it.
Four Thermatool welders, eight Vacuum Tube Type welders and eight cold saws plus four friction saw NC cut offs are utilized in manufacturing.
The fully automated high-speed production lines supply state-of-the art carton and bag filling and sealing machines are connected by continuous vacuum tube conveyors.
By replacing the originally used TPE with Dynalloy in a critical, overmolded part, which attaches the vacuum tube to the cap, CooperSurgical was able to achieve near-perfect performance consistency, higher pull force and improved flexibility for fast, accurate positioning of the device.
The Woz," as he's known in technological circles, looked very much the part of geeky elder, with his ponytail, shape-shifting pinky ring, vacuum tube watch and double-cellular phone sunglasses.