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The Apprentice's Vade Mecum, or, The Young Man's Pocket Companion sets out the responsibilities of apprentices to be industrious and obedient to their master's will.
Mandel has labored for years to research and write a book that is a model of historical, literary, and taurine research, a vade mecum for all readers of Death in the Afternoon, and surely one of the four or five most important books on our author.
Cisco is one of the outstanding success stories in the e-conomy; based on their experience there and their consultancy practices, Hartman and Sifonis have delivered an engaging, if somewhat jargony, vade mecum to e-business success.
If you don't, just realize that The Saturday Evening Post, that vade mecum of middle-class dreaming, has been replaced by House & Garden, Architectural Digest, and, heaven forbid, the Robb Report.
The book promptly became a vade mecum in ministries of defense in many countries.
The very absence of such delightful liberties probably makes Morrow and Francis a more reliable vade mecum for the unwary.
For Pandarus, Criseyde and Diomede, Ovid's love-poetry is a vade mecum.
I have just finished reading an unrevised proof of The Random House Guide to Good Writing, which is being published in November 1991, by you-know-who, and (though I never thought I could say this) I do believe this fondly crafted vade mecum can rest confidently alongside The Elements of Style and William Zinsser's On Writing Well.
The SAMF is a well-respected benchmark and vade mecum for the SA healthcare provider.
Now, along with the primarily chronological account of his theology in Aidan Nichols's The Thought of Benedict XVI (a vade mecum for Ratzinger's publications, revised in 2005), we now have Rowland's more thematic approach.
This is an encyclopedic source book, providing historical, biographical, musicological, and theological overviews, along with bibliographical resources for further study, a veritable vade mecum for the subject.
Anyone who wishes fully to understand these magnificent windows should treat it as a vade mecum.