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But the continental nations do allow themselves vagaries in the choice of names, such as we sober English never run into.
1] To him did the poor women repair for counsel and assistance touching the mental vagaries of Wolfert Webber.
At a period when such vagaries of thought most fully possessed me, and when we had been at work perhaps an hour and a half, we were again interrupted by the violent howlings of the dog.
How much the honest man had suffered in spirit by what he considered the freaks and vagaries of his passengers, and how little he had understood their humors and intentions, is amusingly shown in a letter written to Mr.
Least of all, while avoiding her sight, ought Giovanni to have remained so near this extraordinary being that the proximity and possibility even of intercourse should give a kind of substance and reality to the wild vagaries which his imagination ran riot continually in producing.
Her vagaries soon ceased to puzzle me: the psychology of Jane Braithwaite was not recondite.
We did not think it hypocritical to draw over our vagaries the curtain of a decent silence.
which expresses not only its literary and scholastic vagaries, but its vast, profound, universal movement?
He could not understand the vagaries of the general, and knew nothing of the last achievement of that worthy, which had caused so much commotion in the house.
And the psychological effect upon the enemy is far greater than were I to treat them merely as substanceless vagaries.
In religion he could be, as long as it suited him, the facile echo of Dorothea's vagaries.
It was a scheme conceived in a flash, and ever since relentlessly pursued, to burrow under Mary's influence with the boy, expose her to him in all her vagaries, take him utterly from her and make him mine.