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Significant tooling action [is] required to create critical die-locked features," adds Vagi.
Vagi has also rejected the claims of lack of information on the sale and added that workers, who have demanded company shares in the privatisation, have been offered bonuses and increased wages.
Thanks are due Anne Vagi and Bill Berg for their helpful comments on this paper.
2) Bailey also mentions Naugerius' noctivagi and Bentley's nocte vagi for nota vagis.
Without question this is one of the most impressive sales of ancient coins in recent memory," says David Vagi, Director of NGC Ancients.
In majoritatea cazurilor, tulburarile spectrului afectiv nu ating nivelul de manifestare clinica sau sunt intr-atat de vagi, intrucat, adeseori, atat pacientii, cat si medicii nu le iau in considerare ori nu le evalueaza adecvat.
Tuna fish, which seasonally visited an inlet behind the village in great schools, were said to be the progeny of a local woman in the mythical past, the wife of a man called Vagi Boge.
Astfel, sfarsim in niste turnuri de fildes inalte si inguste, foarte particulare, cu vagi cunostinte vizand padurea de turnuri de fildes care ne inconjoara.
John Reva (captain), Charles Amini, Sese Bau, Jonathan Diho, Raymond Haoda, Steven Eno, Jason Kila, Timothy Mou, Vagi Oala, Rogeauka Roge, Heni Siaka, Lega Siaka, Lega Tau, Toua Tom, Tony Ura.