vague suggestion

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I could have thought him the old Wolf Larsen, and yet there was in his movements a vague suggestion of weakness and indecision.
The after noon breeze would incite to a weird and flabby activ ity all that crowded mass of clothing, with its vague suggestions of drowned, mutilated and flattened hu manity.
ONCE again we have Bernard McGuin gracing your pages with his thoughts on the library service and how the extremely vague suggestion by the Conservatives at the budget meeting in February to reorganise Hudders-field central library could save enough money to protect all our well-loved library services.
Later on Monday, socialist opposition party EDEK issued a harsh statement lambasting the government's bartering, signing it off with a vague suggestion that Demetriades' access to information allowed him to secure a favourable deal.
The opposition also holds a vague suggestion that additional money can be "found," if necessary, but the sources cited don't seem valid or readily accessible.
fCf But there was a vague suggestion from UEFA that the final phase of the Champions Leaguemay be expanded from 32 to 64 teams.
The effect suggests Polke-esque caprice or can perhaps be read ironically as the supremely vague suggestion of a figure.
The vague suggestion of further tinkering in British racing's traditional calendar makes me wonder whether this might involve something more radical - moving the Champions Day to the second Saturday in September, still at Ascot, of course.
Secondly, let me just say the decision to sack Sam Allardyce without making sure who his replacement would be, other than the vague suggestion from 'arry's camp that he was interested, is the first major blunder of the Mike Ashley/Chris Mort era.
Apart from the vague suggestion that it answered a need created by the encroachment of science on religious belief, [Blum] offers very little reflection on the question of why spiritualism suddenly became so popular.
Mr Hayes said: "What members want is a decent pay rise today, not some vague suggestion of jam tomorrow.
Likewise, we don't hear much about how to advance educational opportunities for minorities, other than the assertion that the federal government has tried with mixed success and a vague suggestion that states and schools need to do more.