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Imprecise; uncertain; indefinite.

The term vague is frequently used in reference to a statute written in language that is so indefinite or lacking in precision that an individual of ordinary intelligence is forced to guess at its meaning. Statutes that are vague are ordinarily void on that ground.


Void for Vagueness Doctrine.


adjective ambiguous, ambiguus, amorphous, blurred, blurry, broad, cloudy, confused, cryptic, dim, doubtful, dubious, dubius, enigmatic, equivocal, evasive, faint, general, ill-defined, impalpable, imprecise, incertus, incomprehensible, indecisive, indefinite, indeterminate, indistinct, indistinguishable, inexplicit, intangible, mysterious, nebulous, obscure, perplexing, poorly defined, problematical, questionable, shadowy, unclear, undefined, undetermined, unsettled, unsure
Associated concepts: void for vagueness
Foreign phrases: Res est misera ubi jus est vagum et innertum.It is a sorry state of affairs when law is vague and mutable.
See also: allusive, ambiguous, broad, debatable, disputable, dubious, equivocal, evasive, impalpable, imponderable, inapprehensible, inarticulate, incomprehensible, inconspicuous, indefinite, indeterminate, indistinct, inexact, inexpressive, inscrutable, insubstantial, intangible, nebulous, noncommittal, oblique, obscure, opaque, open-ended, problematic, uncertain, unclear, undecided, undefinable, unspecified
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Yet almost two months after the war ended, the reason it began is vaguer than ever.
But it's there in a vaguer way, too, among others who fear that a materialist viewpoint--the idea that human experience and choice are products of a physical organ called the brain--is corrosive of morality, meaning, and ultimate purpose.
However, it issued a slightly vaguer wording on revenues than at the annual results announcement in March, predicting a "slight decrease" in 2007 revenues assuming a 1.
If the charge of media monopoly is patently false, there is a set of seemingly more plausible, yet vaguer anxieties about the control of content.
Instead he said he was aiming for a vaguer hurdle of "substantially outperforming the support services sector".
Handling isn't as sharp as a BMW 5- Series and there's more body roll and vaguer steering but it's not outclassed.
One ought, however, to avoid extrapolating from the environmental movement's past victories to the conclusion that today's vaguer, more dubious threats are producing a hidden body count as great as the one produced in decades past.
No doubt it does but the electric whole set-up feels a little over-assisted and somewhat vaguer than we'd expect from a car of this kind.
51, after Bank of England governor Mark Carney told the Treasury Select Committee he did not know when interest rates will start to rise, which is vaguer than he has been in recent weeks.
Rich nations led by the United States and the European Union want to make vaguer pledges beyond 2020 and for Paris to include new donors such as China -- now outside of the $100 billion plan -- which last month pledged $3 billion for developing countries.
Though of course that means you'd then have to define the Midlands, which is an even vaguer concept than the North.
The letter however is even vaguer on the three most contentious issues between Athens and bailout authorities-changes in the value added tax, pension increases and labor market liberalization.