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If the vagus nerve stimulator is worsening swallowing difficulties during eating, it can be turned off during meals by taping the magnet over it.
This complication can be avoided by the restricted use of VNS of the left vagus nerve, as the right vagus nerve is involved in the innervation of the sinoatrial node (25).
Paraganglioma of the vagus nerve mimicking as a carotid body tumor.
In May, CMS issued its final decision, stating that "there is sufficient evidence to conclude that vagus nerve stimulation is not reasonable and necessary for treatment of resistant depression.
Symptomatology can be ipsilateral or bilateral to the tumoural mass, depending on the pathology's extension; it is predominantly right-hand sided since the left-hand side vagus passes more in front of the large vessels and is less exposed than the right-hand one which is more related to the trachea and lymphatic nodes.
The vagus is the longest cranial nerve originating in the medulla in the central nervous system.
The Vagus Nerve Stimulator (VNS) uses electrical impulses delivered by a generator implanted in the chest to two tiny leads wrapping around the nerve in the neck.
Approved in 1997, VNS therapy utilizes a small generator implanted in the chest and connected to electrodes attached to the vagus nerve in the neck.
The disabling effects of refractory seizures have led many patients and caregivers to consider chronic intermittent stimulation of the left vagus nerve.
In 1921, working with the nerves attached to a frog's heart, particularly the vagus nerve, he showed that chemical substances were indeed set free when the nerve was stimulated.
The vagus nerve influences many organs of the body, including the heart.
BioControl Medicalhas announced that the pilot clinical study of its CardioFit[R] vagus nerve stimulation system has been recognized as seminal original research in the European Journal of Heart Failure.